TRABIS Opened!

TRABIS Opened!

With TRABİS, which started its operations on 14.09.2022, a new era began in the sales of domain names with .tr extension.
TRABIS Opened!
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With TRABİS, which started its operations on 14.09.2022, a new era began in the sales of domain names with .tr extension.


Many sales, which previously required document submission, can be made without documents. For example, it is now possible to buy an undocumented domain name. The domain extension, which is valid for Turkey, could only be obtained with a document until recently.


However, the introduction of TRABIS created a significant change in this process. A new era has begun not only for the undocumented extension, but also for the allocation of domain names with and extensions. Since September 14, allocations have been made in the order of priority application in terms of time. In this article, we will briefly talk about the changes that have emerged about TRABİS and .tr domain name sales.

BTK in the Allocation of Internet Domain Names


First, let's talk about the background of the subject. In our country, the management of domain names with .tr extension has been carried out by Nic.TR, which has been serving under METU since 1990. The organization that advances the processes required for domain name registrations around the world is ICANN. Nic.TR, authorized by this organization, has been selling domain names with .tr extension since 1990. With the Electronic Communications Law No. 5809 on 10.11.2008, an important change was made in this regard. The authority to determine the procedures and principles regarding the determination and management of the institutions or organizations that will allocate internet domain names has been transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.


After this transfer of authority, the Ministry started preparations for the Internet Domain Names Regulation. In the new regulation published in the Official Gazette numbered 27752 on 07.11.2010, a special task was given to the BTK. From now on, the authority to carry out the work and transactions regarding the allocation of domain names with the .tr extension would belong to the Information Technologies and Communications Authority. With TRABİS, which came into effect on 14.09.2022, necessary changes were achieved in the field of domain name sales with .tr extension.

What is TRABIS (TR Network Information System)?


To put it briefly, TRABIS is a special network information system operating within the body of BTK. TRABIS stands for TR Network Information System. The first preparatory work of TRABIS started with the transition of the .tr domain name management from METU to BTK. During this period, legislative changes also took place. The publication of the Internet Domain Names Communiqué was one of the most important. In addition, the Internet Domain Names Dispute Resolution Mechanism Communiqué was published. The procedures and principles regarding the internet domain names that will be allocated with a certificate have been clarified. A board decision was made on the determination of internet domain name fees. The procedures and principles regarding domain names with limited allocation have also been clarified.


In addition to these, necessary technical developments were completed in time for TRABIS to provide world-class service. All systems have been checked for security. Together with TRABİS, the preparatory work for the new period regarding the sales of domain names with the .tr extension continued in coordination with the BTK. When we came to 14.09.2022, the new system started to work without any problems.


In this context, we see that TRABIS has become a structure responsible for all the management of domain name systems and databases with the .tr extension. Therefore, TRABIS is not authorized to sell domain names with a .tr extension only. In addition to purchasing, this system also includes authorization for renewal, resale, suspension and waiver transactions. You may have purchased your .tr domain name from Nic.TR before. Now, the authority in these matters belongs to TRABİS. The same system is in effect for the resolution of disputes. In this respect, together with TRABİS, domain name sales with .tr extension really opened a new page in the sector.

What Has Changed With TRABIS?


After a long preparation period, TRABIS became operational on 14 September. Articles in the relevant legislation that have not entered into force before have also entered into force with TRABIS. To briefly express the resulting changes;


     The allocation of domain names with,, extensions will now take place according to the “first come, first served” principle. In allocations, the priority application order will be decisive in terms of time. The sale of these domain extensions, which previously required official documents, will now take place undocumented. Together with TRABİS, this change was recorded as the most important change in domain name sales with .tr extension.

     Document submission requirement for domain extension,,,,,,, and .kep. tr domains will be limited. Document submission will no longer be required for other extensions. In other words, you can get an undocumented domain name for your brand and commercial businesses.

     For domain names in the form of, an ID is required, but there is no longer an ID requirement.

     As a result of these changes, we can predict that the number of real allocations with the .tr extension will increase rapidly in the near future. If the domain name allocation is not suitable, the payment amount will be refunded.

     An alternative dispute resolution mechanism to the courts has emerged for the disputes of domain names with the .tr extension. In this way, it is possible to resolve disputes in a shorter time.

     In the old system, when the user of the .tr domain name did not renew it, it stopped using it for a period of 3 months. If he made a payment within this period, his right of use continued. In the new system, the rights of the user who does not pay for 2 consecutive months are suspended. In case of non-payment, the domain name is allocated. However, there is no new purchase request for 1 month.

     In the old system, the information of those who registered the .tr domain name was not recorded in the database. Together with TRABİS, the sales of domain names with the .tr extension brought a new regulation in this regard. The information of those who registered the domain name is now registered in the TRABIS system.

     In the old system, domain name sale and transfer of domain name users with .tr extension was prohibited. However, with TRABİS, it will be possible to carry out such transactions in three years for domain name sales with .tr extension.


How Will the Resolution Mechanism Work in Disputes?


With the launch of TRABIS, an important move has been made in the growth of the domain name market in our country. Moreover, it is ensured that our country code extension becomes a global brand. The facilitation of the resolution processes of domain name disputes is also an important innovation brought by TRABIS.


In this context, the public's curiosity is aroused as to how the dispute resolution mechanism will work. There is a widespread belief that obtaining an undocumented domain name will lead to conflicts between registered and unregistered brands in the near future. As a matter of fact, the fact that document submission is no longer required in domain name registration makes it a matter of curiosity how to resolve disputes. Sales of domain names with .tr extension together with TRABIS create a question mark in the minds of some users. In particular, the fact that the system will work according to the "first come, first served" principle raises these question marks. Also, scam risks for large and popular domains raise some concerns.


We see what to do in the face of such situations in the 6th section of the Internet Domain Names Regulation. The Dispute Resolution Service Providers (CRCs) established within the scope of the regulation will be responsible for solving such problems.


To apply to the CRC;


     The disputed domain name is similar or identical to the brand, trade name, business name or other identifying marks owned or used in commerce, and
     The party assigning the domain name has no legal right or connection with that domain name, and
     This domain name must be allocated or used in bad faith by the domain owner. (Article 25)


It is possible for the complainant, who claims that these three conditions are met, to apply to one of the CRC for the resolution of the dispute.


Undocumented What is it?


Undocumented is the ability to purchase country - location extensions at the end of the domain name of all types of websites without any document conditions.
Can a sole proprietorship get undocumented


September 14, 2022 In the period before TRABİS came into operation, individual companies could obtain a domain name if they had registered their trade name from the trade registry.


With the TRABIS period, there is no longer any document/document requirement to purchase a domain. The "first come, first served" rule is now in effect for undocumented domain name sales.
How to Buy an Undocumented Domain Name?


You can create a pre-order to buy Undocumented by inquiring on With this order, your domain name revision process takes place. When the registration process starts, the relevant domain name allocation is finalized on behalf of the user who made the revision. However, we recommend that you do not attempt to purchase domain names that may cause future conflicts. It is possible for you to lose the right to use your domain name as a result of an application to the CRC for improper use. If you want consultancy support on these issues, the expert staff of is with you 24/7. You can visit our Domain Inquiry page to query the domain names you are considering.


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